herbal experiences designed to nurture and nourish

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Hanging Herbs


An Origin Story

Laurie Alpert, Naturopathic Doctor, founded L.A.N.D. Medicine in 2020.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, Laurie works with individuals to support health and well-being by using evidence-based therapies that harness the healing power of nature.  Working closely with plants in a clinical setting and in her own kitchen and garden, her reverence for plants and their healing abilities continues to deepen and is the driving force behind each carefully formulated, compounded, brewed, or blended product at L.A.N.D. Medicine.  For Laurie, each blend offered here is more than just a combination of herbs; these are invitations to an experience in which you are poised to be nurtured and nourished by Nature's generous gifts.  Laurie also hopes that these small opportunities for you to experience Nature's willingness to care for you, will in turn encourage you to continue to care for Her.

Traditional Spices in Market

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